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    1200 injected convert to carbs?

    is a 1200 fi in a genesis the same as a carbed 1200 except the heads and domes or are there differences in them.can you change out the heads and intakes and convert it to carbed if so what all would you have to do and what about the stator?looking in to replacing a 2000 pro 1200 with a 2001 genesis fi 1200 can i just put the pro stuff on it or not?

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    Not sure. So I'm bumping this to the top for someone else that might know.

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    You can check part #'s here;

    Yes, it looks like the cases-crank-cylinders are the same.
    Use all the electronics from the PRO.

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    100 Fuel injected

    Yes the 1200 injected motor is the same as a Carb motor other then the heads, carbs and ignition and wiring harness.

    If up find any 1200 Carb ski you can use all the parts to convert your Injected ski.
    You will also need to do something with the fuel pick up tubes and fuel sender maybe Mod the stock fuel pump pick up in some way that you can use it.

    sorry for the type O in not a 100 fuel its a 1200 Fuel injected Icant edit it.

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