Today Tom and I dropped our jet skis in at Owls Creek boat ramp and departed Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach around 0645 hrs. We headed to the Chesapeake Light Tower stopping at a couple of buoys to see if any cobia were around. Saw two little ones but no takers. We were the first ones at the Tower, there were bout 6 boats there when we left. The spade fish were there but moving around quick so it took a little work to spear them but I managed. The visibility was decent at about 20 feet. I also saw some Cobia, Amberjack, Barracuda and then out of the deep a big shark appeared and came right at me turning away from when it was only about three feet away. It was about 7-8 feet long with a very broad head. After I got back on my ski it made a couple of passes on the surface between our jet skis. I have been diving there for about twenty years and this was the closest I had a shark get to me, good way to get the adrenaline flowing. Ha!
We stopped and cast eels to several buoys on the way back but no luck on the Cobia today. It was near perfect conditions on the ocean. Back at the ramp around 1230hrs. I covered 40 miles and burned 9 gallons. Here are some pictures from today