My son and I rode the California Delta. Great place to ski. However, I would highy recommend taking a GPS device. I use a Garmin eTrex Vista as I can use it on my cycling touring trips. The canals all look the same and you can get easily lost. Having a GPS along with a map will get you back to your port. We stayed in Stockton for $40 at a Priceline hotel. They even had a security guard watching the parking lot at night so I felt safe with my jet skiis in the parking lot. We drove to Hwy 12 and there are many marinas along this state highway. We put a lot of miles on skiing from Stockton to Sacramento to Pittsburg. We still have a lot of waterways to discover. There is a map you can get free from the CA Dept of Waterways showing the Dump Stations. If they have a Dump Station for sewage, they have fuel on the dock. Along with the GPS, I would recommend buying fuel when available. The Delta is so large that you will need it.