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Thread: 1st Jet Skis

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    1st Jet Skis


    I'm new to the forum and am looking for advice in buying our 1st jet skis. I had already had it in my head that I wanted the VX SHO Cruiser but the dealer today suggested to go with the VXR instead.

    My wife and I are in our 40s and my goal is not to buy the fastest jet ski available. I want comfort, speed and stability. The sales person pointed out the width of the VX cruiser as being less comfortable than the narrower VXR.

    Would greatly appreciate advice. The price difference is not a factor but I see the dealership has new pricing that will be effective when the open Monday. The VXR is about $2500 below list and the VX Sho Cruiser is discounted $3000. I assume this is the year end clearance pricing due to the fact that I've read the 2012 models come out after today.

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    Do they have a demo unit you can ride? Or someone from the forum here might have one by you that you can try out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 800AMSOIL4U View Post
    Do they have a demo unit you can ride? Or someone from the forum here might have one by you that you can try out.
    My wife has a 09 VX Cruiser and I have a couple of FZs, an FZR and an FZS and I have to say both my FZ " muscle skis" ride better to me than her cruiser. Not just faster, but handle rough water smoother and in general just feel better. So you really should see if you can take a demo.

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    SHO Cruiser(comfort,speed,stability) $3000 off-Sold!
    2/40+ yr olds on a VXR-Priceless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hookem View Post
    SHO Cruiser(comfort,speed,stability) $3000 off-Sold!
    2/40+ yr olds on a VXR-Priceless!
    +1...I'm assuming you are comparing the VXR to the FX SHO Cruiser, not a VX cruiser. The FX SHO cruiser hull is exactly what you are looking for if comfort, speed & stability are your goals. The extra length & heavier weight makes it a more solid ride in rough water, & the adjustable trim is very useful when riding 2-up in less than perfect conditions. The VXR has a more round hull which gives it a lean-in style ride in the turns, whereas the FX has a deep V hull with flat outside chines which keeps it flatter in turns & adds straight line stability & better rough water handling. Even if you aren't planning on ocean riding, you'd be surprised on how much more tiring a smaller lighter craft(VXR) will be on a busy lake or river. A friend of mine has a VX Cruiser(same hull as VXR) & he & his wife get beat up compared to us on the SHO if the conditions are rough.

    The cruiser seat uses a lower density foam than the VXR, so it's softer & more comfortable for long rides. My wife loves the cruiser seat backrests because she never feels like she's going to slide off the back when I'm riding a little aggressively with her on the ski. The extra features like the adjustable steering, cruise & no-wake functions are also very handy. The ability to set the cruise & pull the throttle to the bars is soooo much more comfortable & less fatiguing on long rides. I've ridden both skis & the difference in seat width is not significant. It sounds like the salesman would just rather sell a VXR, no matter what your goals are.

    Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum.

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    And to add to that the 2011 VX S-R series is a low maintaince , easier on fuel, and no supercharger .....its a no frills but very capable ski, same or better top speed out of the box ,......each skis have their issuses, do some reading around in the Yamaha 4 stroke section, then try and get a demo ride on both and go from there......

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    I don't know if this is an option, but I would go with the FX HO Cruiser. It is longer and heavier than the VX skies, without the maintenance worries of a supercharged SHO ski.

    I am an older guy, and have a 05 FX HO Cruiser and it is terrific. It handles the rough water with great stability and the seats are comfortable. If the choice is limited to the two you mentioned, I would choose the FX SHO Cruiser.

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    Thanks for everyone's input. There are 3 dealers in Orlando and I've only been to one. That one has no way of offering demo rides. I'll check out the other two this week. One of them is a Pro certified dealer or whatever yamaha calls it for watercraft so perhaps they offer demo rides.

    The sales person actually didn't have any VXRs so he wasn't motivated by trying to sell me what he had in stock and he warned me that since it was the end of season, he may have a hard time finding them.

    I think CurtS' recommendation at looking at the FX HO Cruiser makes sense. The salesman had already talked me into the advantages of not having the supercharged engine and going with the HO engine instead. I think the no wake button would be great. A friend of mine has a VX deluxe and I find it annoying going from one lake to another through no wake zones constantly having to rev the throttle.

    I do plan on taking them to the Keys as well so if the FX HO Cruiser is friendlier to rougher water, I think that would be my preference.

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    Offering a ride where? Ocean/Lake? Chances are it will be somewhere calm. I strongly believe a new guy on the ski can not tell the difference between how these skis ride in 30 minutes! To me it is a waste of time requesting as any of the two would look impressive for the 1st jetski and 30 minutes riding time!

    I also recommend the FX HO Cruiser but since most consumers only use their skis less than 20 hours a year, I would say the SHO won't break the bank so if you can afford it and you are getting a great deal, go for it!

    And 40s, is young You can handle the VXR as well only if you are not going to have very long rough rides!

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    Now that I've seen the details on the 2012s, I think I'll go with the new FX HO Cruiser.

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