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    2006 VX110 Sport Multifuntion Meter not Working

    I bought this ski used last year, and just put a new motor in it. I took it out for a ride and it ran great for about 15 minutes and then went in to limp home mode. The Multifuncion Meter has never worked so I can't see the codes. The previous owner says that the display worked when he ran it last, but I have nothing now. I actually have three gauge clusters one from a 2005 VX 110 sport. and two from 2006 VX 110 Sports. I also have swapped out two ecu's. All do the same thing. On my test bench I can make them all turn on, but not with 12 volts and ground. 12 vdc and ground gets nothing. When using a Lambda power supply it will turn on and flash the display when I crank up the voltage to anything above 18vdc. I have the positive lead going to the red or white and the negative (NOT Ground) lead going to black. If I attach ground to the black lead I get nothing. If the positive voltage is applied to both red and white the entire screen comes on and flashes. If the positive voltage is applied to only the white wire, portions of the display come on and the hours section on 2 of the clusters says Lo and on the third it has 310.7 hrs. In the ski I have 12.9 vdc on the red lead and 4.4 vdc on the white lead and of course, no display. I hope someone out there can help because it is driving me nuts. Thanks

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    i have the same problem, you cant fixed your ski?? sorry for my english but i from chile. thanks

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