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    2002-03 XLT 1200 Reduced Power

    Took the wave runner out yesterday for first time in a year. After it was started and warmed, it accelerated out of the gate like normal, then after 4-5 seconds, lugged down and could only get to 35-38 mpg (factory speedo), with a fairly dull exhaust note. I ran it a while, hoping it would work itself out, but no luck. I let it cool back down, ran for a bit with the seat off. Out of the gate, I could see the power valve open and then close, as well it opens and closes by just bumping the starter, so it seems that the power valve functions. Today, I checked compression and it is even across the cylinders. I ohmed the cat temp sensor, cold, and it reads open. Not sure if that is a good check or not. The big money sensor downstream of the cat sensor ohms at 10.6k ohm.

    I intend to see if I can make it run by putting a resistor in the cat temp sensor connector. If this resolves it, is it ok to just run with the resistor, even though it still has the catalyst?

    This has no mods, carbs have not been touched. Plugs were replaced last season. I realize there are many must do's (d-plate, waveater, etc.) with respect to this model, but I want to get this taken care of first. I'll hit all that other stuff in the offseason. All help is appreciated.

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    May be a clogged fuel filter on a carb, that was the exact thing my friends boat was doing, ran like it had a fouled plug, but a new plug didn't help. Rebuilt the carbs and #3's tiny little filter on the fuel pump was totally clogged with grainular and jelly like "stuff". Not an easy fix, but thats what it was for us.

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    First trip out with mine resulted similar problems. Fuel filters in the carbs were crappy but the real problem was the returns were clogged up in the carbs. Very impodtant to clean them and they are very small and cantake a while to unclog a clogged one.

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