Put my ski in the water for the first time today, with mixed results.
First off, ski specs: 2000 GP800, totally stock. I just rebuilt the carbs, installed waveeater clips, switched to pre-mix and, replaced the fuel lines. Carbs are set at 2 tuns out on the low speed and 1/2 turn out on the high speed screws.

On the trailer: it runs and idles fine although it the rpms seem to hangup when blipping the throttle.

In the water: at no-wake speed, it will idle for a while and seem to load up, blipping the gas clears it out no problem. From just above no-wake to 50% throttle it feels pretty good, but when cutting a tight turn, it will bog down. Anything more then 50% throttle it just stumbles and almost dies. Letting go of the throttle and giving it alittle gas seems to let it recover.

Finally, after flushing it and shutting it down, I noticed a strong smell of gas in the hull, but no leaks at any of the fuel line fittings. I also noticed while flushing it that there were a lot of bubbles in the fuel lines.

My thoughts:
It seems that the needle(s) are leaking that is where the fuel smell is coming from. I did reuse the old needle and seat during the rebuild. The popoff pressure maybe off too. I had to use an air compressor regulator to get 75 psi into the carbs and had problems keeping the line from blowing off the inlet port on the carb.
Any thoughts on my issues? Does the dying out at 50% throttle mean its to lean?