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    Quick pricing question on a 2003 1100 ZXI

    I have an opportunity to buy a 2003 1100 ZXI for $3300... I've done a little research ( maybe an hour) and am continuing to look up prices...So far I have seen them between $2900 - $3500...
    I guess I just wanted some more opinions on this before commiting... A big part of the history is that it was my mothers and I know for a fact that this ski has maybe an hour use on it total... It has been winterized every year, but never ridden.

    I've been out of the loop for a while on keeping up on them since I have had no problems with my 900's other than the notorious trim not working, so I have not been following what might be known issue on the 1100's if any?


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    not much diff 900/1100, but expect to renew the fuel system, including the fuel, dry hoses from lack of use and oil in tank may be gel-ing, overboard pisser may be stopped up.

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    Thanks Mike....
    I feel a little bit better about the price. They are including the lift and the trailer...Which ironically was my single trailer before I bought the dual...
    Thanks again...

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