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    1997 GSI - add a speedometer ?

    Just purchased a 1997 GSI. It does not have a speedometer. Has anyone ever added one?

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    i think the cheapest would be to buy a gps add a nice mout to it on the dash, (maybe waterproof gps )
    and you can use it for afew other skis
    (plus its the most accurate)
    thanks , hope i helped.

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    Anything is possible with enough time and money.

    I would go the GPS route it would be cheaper than adding the gauge, wiring and sender unit to your existing ski.

    FYI the 97 GSI is a one year wonder when it comes to the MPEM and info gauge, these part numbers do not cross over to any other Seadoo models. If you happen to damage these trying to get a speedo to work it might be hard to find replacements. I had a 97 GSI ( see avatar pic ) and ended up having to get a new MPEM from the dealer because I could not locate a used one. I did add a Tachometer from a 96 GTX to fill the spare gauge spot. I might still have the Tach as I took it out before I sold it.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I am doing the same on my GSi and came across this thread while searching for info. I found the PDF file from the speedometer kit, but it is very simple and easy.

    First you need a 3-wire speedometer paddlewheel. The third wire adds lake temperature to your info display. If you dont want lake temperature, a regular 2-wire sensor will do but you will need to change the connector on the 2 wire sensor.

    Second, you need a speedometer harness, 2 or 3 wire.

    Both parts are most cost-effective to be purchased used, but be sure the sensor is from someone reputable or a company that guarantees it to work. Failed sensors are quite common from what I have found.

    1.) Install the sensor in your ride plate (remove the filler piece first)
    2.) Drill a 10mm hole in the pump housing (described in the PDF)
    3.) Run the wire harness along your main harness to the front of the craft.
    4.) Plug the harness into the 3 pin connector off of the Info Gauge.
    5.) Disconnect the main harness connector that goes from the MPEM to the info gauge (Connector 1)
    6.) Unlock the connector
    7.) Re-locate the "speedometer function" red/black wire from pin 14 to pin 16.

    Here is the URL for the instruction manual.

    Again, sorry for bumping an old thread but figured I would pass along the information I found!

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