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    Why DID Polaris get out of the PWC biz anyawy???

    Background: Owned a SL750 and a SLT780, now proud owner (from new) of 2- MSX 140's that I absolutley love.
    The design of the MSX's were the best ot their time- and STILL hold their own versus new ones in the styling department.
    That BEGS THE QUESTION: Why DID Polaris throw in the towel just one year after they made these beautiful sleds that won all the awards in 2003....???
    I have a few theories, but somebody out there has to have the real scoop...

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    I don't know, but I would guess that pwc's weren't profitable for them...good design doesn't equal good profit margin

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBone14 View Post
    I don't know, but I would guess that pwc's weren't profitable for them...good design doesn't equal good profit margin
    That was more or less the case, I spoke with an X polaris engineer that moved down to Florida and opened up a shop after they threw in the towel. He told me it COST polaris millions upon millions just to shut down operations.

    Really cool guy to talk with...

    The guys definitely legit, has numerous patent award plaques in his office with his and polaris industries name etched in them. He was there from day, we sat once shooting the shit for a while, looking through tons of photo albums he collected over the years. Saw pics of the early days when they had these long SS tables with shelves containing parts on the them, the engines were hand built, each person on the table with thier own specific assembly task. Pretty cool...

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    From what I've been told Polaris crunched numbers and decided Victory motorcycles would make more money over the long haul.

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