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    Anybody with a 12f needs to try a solas impeller!

    I just put a solas 12/18 on my 12f and I am really impressed with the results. When impros told me that people were getting more top end from it I was skeptical. After the install, I can say that just from speedo readings, I have picked up at least 2-3mph. I usually run at about 56-57 mph speedo on a half tank of gas, and now I am running 59 and seeing blips of 60. Not only did i see speed gains, but the prop just seems to hookup so much better and pull a lot harder. I never thought I would see such a difference from an impeller swap with no other mods, but I must say that I am very impressed.

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    I got mine to read 70 stock, please check with a gps the stock speedo is really inaccurate. what happened to your rpms?



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    I put a Solas on my 15F that I bought off ebay and had drop shipped to Impros for stage 2 work. I actually lost 2 mph (58 indicated) top speed but it came out of the hole much better. Then I bought a Riva plate and gained 5 mph (63 indicated). Never gps'd it but the Riva plate and Solas made a night and day difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krokus View Post
    gained 5 mph (63 indicated). Never gps'd
    No GPS = Doesn't count.

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    Yea I get 63-64 indicated stock 15F and don't think it is accurate bt gps, more like 55-58 best case.


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    I know not to rely on the speedometer. The point is that the Solas impeller was unimpressive on its own. There is one on my 250x that the previous owner installed 3 weeks before I bought it. It's coming out as soon as I get the OEM back from Dave.

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