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    Starting and Idleing issues

    I have a 99 seadoo rfi that has been having starting issues and idling issues since It flooded with water weeks ago. When I get it started and run it it runs awesome. But sometimes it has starting issues and all the time it has idleing issues. i took it out today and i put a new set of plugs in. It started right up but wouldnt idle and ran great when riding. Brought it back, parked it, an hour later went to go out and it wouldnt start. Just cranked and cranked. Pulled the plugs. Had a decent amount of oil on them. I sprayed them off with starting fluid, let them dry and put them back in. It started right up again. I had to repeat this process all day to ride. I think the plugs are getting fouled out? Is this a possibility? Maybe the oil pump pumping to much oil?

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    I took it out yesterday and messed with the oil pump setting and got it to where it basically starts almost everytime but still wont stay idleing. Its just weird because right before the flooding i never had any of these problems at all. It always started even if kinda hard and it always always idled before the flooding. So i would assume it would be water related. maybe i got some water in the mag cover idk.

    It also seems as though since i changed the oil pump settings it has lost a bit of power. Not a bunch but just not as snappy? Is this possible?

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