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    Cool My '89 Sea Doo SP

    Hey guys!

    First post, but I have been lurking for the past couple of weeks.

    This last monday, I picked up an '89 Sea Doo SP.

    I got it cheap enough that its like I bought a trailer that had a jet ski on it! Rode it Monday and brought it home. Stopped by the police station, and picked up a season launch permit, went online, registered my newly acquired vessel and got insurance on her. Went back out on the water and learned the ways for another hour and man, its a blast! Went and rode Tuesday for an hour and a half pretty wavy and caught some hangtime! I was having so much fun I was giggling the whole time

    Wednesday I picked up a treated 2x4 and some carpet, re-did the bunks on the trailer.

    and that's when i noticed a drip from the hull...

    Talked it over with my Dad, and came up with a plan to fix it.

    As you can see, I split the hull and decided to attack the hole from the inside out! The glue was too strong to de-bond, so I cut the top off. While I was cutting, I took off a little too much from the bottom hull, so I needed to build that back up as well now.

    I patched the hole on the inside

    Built up the lower hull to support the top half

    Now, the plan for tomorrow is to fiberglass back in my "custom access panel" , put the gas tank back in, prep the top half of the hull for re-attachment, and then rivet & 3M marine adhesive the top to the bottom so I have something that resembles a PWC again! After that, I will buff my vessel, get measurements for the stock decals and have those made with some nice looking numbers, install the rub rail, then wait the 7 days for that marine adhesive to set!

    I know its not a fast or great performing ski, but it is fun and its what I can afford.

    I plan on documenting the rest of the repair, and posting it up here!

    Check out my set on flickr for more pictures if you'd like:

    Looking forward to your comments


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    Cool!! Is that the first year for seadoo?

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    Thanks! 89 is actually the second year, but from what I have gathered the only thing changed was the seat- went from hinged to removable. I have some more pictures and progress, I will post up later though, need to lay some more glass!

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    looks like a fun lil project.. i remember when i had my 92 sp.. kinda miss it now it was fun to throw that thing around.. any mods or what not planned for this thing???

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    that thing still runs!!! thats awesome good luck with it

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    Put a seat on it as it sits that would be a mean machine with no top on it!

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    If i knew,...I wouldn't ask sea-one's Avatar
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    Good 'ole simple fun,just gas n oil and a throttle......

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    Yup, I remember the giggles the first time I jumped on a Sea Doo for the first time in 1993, was the same hull as yours but was the twin carb, white 587, SPX model. Enjoy it.

    Welcome to your new obsession, and welcome to Greenhulk.

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    Obsession is right.

    I'll post up some more pics hopefully soon, but I have since had her out on the water, and found some of the stuff I need to fix yet. Pretty sure the diaphragm in the carb has deteriorated since my first couple of days of ownership, so I have a rebuild kit on order. Half the time I tried to start, I would get a free spin from the starter, so when I rotated the PTO shaft it would engage again. Waiting on pictures of a new starter gear from a guy. When my Dad tried getting on in some really rough water, it got damn near full of water, so when I went up north this last weekend i did some looking around. Looks like when I riveted the top hull to the bottom, I pulled up too far in the back and it pulled some of my glass up, leaving a nice crack. Patching that up today.

    Some day, I'll sleep more than 5 hours!

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    looks like my next pay check, im picking up a wet suit. water temp has dropped from 76 to 67 since this weekend's cold front

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