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    Need Help Tuning my 07 Ultra 250x in High Altitude 3000ft

    I installed the perfomance kit from R&D pulley kit with bigger injectors 625cc and my AFR is set at Idle at 12.5 with fuel pressure at 26lbs. I'am at 3000ft above sea level. My fuel tuner by R&D is set at the Factory Fuel curve because of the elevation. When fuel weas added it bogged big time. Mods I have are Riva Pro Intake system and R-rated Straight pipe. At WOT is at 13.5 to 14.5 it jumps around. Riva ride plate and 2 degree. Top speed is at 68mph and RPM's is at 7810. Any suggestions from people who are family with high alttitude tuning. Thanks David

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    not familiar with high altitude but those figures arent right for sea level thats for sure.

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