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    Angry 04 fx cruiser HO overheating alarm help.!!!

    as the title states my fx HO 2004 appeared to be overheating yesterday...I took it out on the ocean just like every weekend and after 20 minutes or so of jumping the alarm went off and the engine lost power. obviously i jumped in the water to check the inlet at the pump and the grate and there was nothing stuck on the prop or the grate. so i turned it on again and ran fine for a few feet then it went off again, this continued for the next five minutes or so. then I turned it back on and it ran good for like 5-8 minutes with out any alarms and then it went off again. i go back home and put it on the hose. i have water coming out of the left side pisser like always, i have water coming out of the rear of the ski coming from the valve where the thermostat sits....My next step is to change the spark plugs and see if that helps and or the overheating goes away. i'm also getting code 01 from my dash/ cluster so there are no fault codes. Just wondering what else should i do or check that might help me figure out my issue. i have read of people having spark plug issues and after replacing them no overheating alarms again so i'm not sure why that helps it or not. last time i changed my plugs was about 10 or 15 hours ago and i remember i regapped them to .30" but i know all ngk plugs come pregapped so i opened mine a little more. can someone post the in and outs of the fx cooling system and the things to check? BTW I ran the ski on the hose like said before for a good 10 minutes and no overheating alarms went off or anything. please help me out here.

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    anyone have any ideas? i know there are some yamaha pros in here..

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    i did not get any alarms after like 10 minutes of running on the hose. i'm wondering how much water is it supposed to expell from the valve house where the thermostat sits? i have water exiting the motor but i wonder how much water i am actually supposed to have leaving the engine....maybe i have a semi stuck thermostat? i need some advice fellas.

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    Undo the thermostat housing & clean it out......see if that cures it. Not a very common problem, but muck can collect in there.

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    allright i took the thermostat out and cleaned out the housing. I had to bang the hell out of the thermostat to get it out of the housing, i mean it was really stuck in there. the thermostat looks rusted and had lots of salt deposits so i cleaned everything but i'll be replacing the thermostat even if thats not the issue i have, better safe than sorry.....on another note i noticed a small piece of rubber "white rubber" stuck on the little hole the thermostat itself has. so i removed it but like i said i'll be putting a new one in. could it be that the rubber piece stuck on the hole was blocking the normal flow of water before the thermostat opened up? BTW i installed a brand new set of plugs right now. So i'll install the new thermo and get back to you guys with new results, in the mean time anyone has any advice?

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    Well for those interested in the overheating alarm i encountered on my fx ho, there was a small piece of rubber stuck on the drainage hole of the opening side of the thermostat and it was rusted out and lots of calcification... So i popped a new one in there and took her out to the lake and no alarms and she is running good (so far)..... Thanks for your replies....

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    Excellent, glad you got it sorted. I will be doing the same on my machine as a bit of preventive maintenance. Thanks guys!

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    I was taught along time ago ( before the days of fuel injection and when a vise grip was something you couldn't live without) that lubing any hose end before insertion reduces the chance of shaving a bit of hose off and causing a difficult to find problem down the road)

    Our kerosene shop heater was on the fritz back in the day ( i lived in the north east back then )_ and nobody could figure out what was wrong since they "just cleaned it out"..well there was a really really tiny bit of hose shaving stuck in the nozzle that kept the even smaller impeller in the nozzle from turning ( this help atomize the kerosene for burning)

    with all the little orfices to watch out for keep this in mind when working on your skis.. silicon spray is cheap..use lots of it during your work.

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    alright, now it came back to overheating.

    this time there is an engine code 15. I bought the new sensor from yamaha. whats the easiest way to get to it. I have already taken the old sensor out but for the life of me I cannot get the threads to go back on.

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