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    99 XLL 1200 I am a MORON

    As I read this after writing it, I cannot believe I did so many moronic things with this ski on Saturday. I would be calling myself stupid and about 100 other synonyms of the same if I were reading this post like you are right now. Now I just need help. Hopefully it can be fixed. Ski is stock less intake grate and ride plate.

    In my excitement to ride the ski on Saturday... I put it in the water without screwing in the drain plugs.

    It ran GREAT for a couple of hours. Then I went in for dinner.

    Came back out to start it, and it would crank sporadically... but not start. I pulled off the seat and saw... WATER. It was up to the battery terminals. After putting in the drain plugs, (and swearing a LOT), I bailed the water and continued to crank it. Shortly thereafter the faint click of a bad starter solenoid started. I gave up and started drinking.

    After doing some research on here Saturday night... (GH needs a mobile version.) I figured the motor was full of water. So I pulled the plugs and cranked it on and off by jumpering the solenoid, (thanks JIM for the PM), to pump the water out. I did this for an hour or so. Plugs in, plugs out, kept getting water. Got nowhere. I towed it over to the trailer and pulled it out of the water, and cranked it with the plugs in/out. Still got water. Did that for a few more tries. Then I tried to check for spark by holding an electrode to a head bolt while cranking and got nothing. By this time I needed to get the family home, so I gave up.

    My plan:

    I have a complete spare electrical box. I plan to swap that into the ski. Repeat the cranking and trying to start procedure.

    My questions:

    What else should I do?

    Other diagnosis?

    Do I need to be throwing in some ring free or other oil?


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    You might want to try cranking the ski on its side to displace more water (with the plugs out). And yes, I would add some two stroke oil through the plug holes to keep everything lubed. Good luck!

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    I finally found and fixed my water leak in my 1300R, but only after flooding the motor twice.
    Keep cranking the motor with plugs out until no more gas & oil tainted water comes out holes.
    Ditto on a little oil down into the cylinders. Hurry up and change out your electronics and get that thing started. Once it fires you need to run the snot out of it on the water for half an hour to evaporate any water left inside.
    The sooner you do this the better as your crank bearings are rusting.

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    Wow, I left one off on this past saturday, and remembered right after I dropped it in the water. Im glad I still have a handfull of brain cells left and caught it.

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    It runs!!

    Thanks Green Hulk!!

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