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Thread: RXP to X

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    RXP to X

    Hi guys

    Loving the forum.

    I'm sorry to ask the dump question. Been reading a few threads and not really got the answer i'm looking for.

    Ok, so I wont to dial up some more HP in my ski without doing anything major for the moment.

    So plans at the moment are to remove the 2nd waterbox and fit a riva free flow exhaust, (not a rear exit) and filter kit either r&d or riva.

    Next bit is a X intercooler as I've heard storys re heat soak and restrictions in the std IC. Will there be any additional mods that I need to do to get the full benefit of this?

    Later down the line, I will be looking at x charger or a larger fan for my charger - this will happen after the above, or so I've planned.

    Appreciate your advice guys

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    forget the intercooler as just getting the x charger makes a night and day diffrence! i just did it myself on my rxp and you will feel the torque and power no doubt about it... after the x charger then you can do the intercooler but it starts getting expensive because now with my set up if i want to get an external intercooler im going to need an rrfpr and a wideband to monitor and control my afrs. but like i said get the x charger with 42 lb injectors and its safe and reliable. i already put 10 hours on my ski this weekend and i am EXTREMELY happy with the results im keeping up with my friends rxpx with the r&d intake grate ... before he use to leave me in his wake

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    So you've fitted a X charger straight to your ski and only changed the injectors? Surely you would need the FPR/ECU as well to adjust the fueling to new requirements?

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    well yes if you want to fine tune it as i will. but it runs fine just bolting on the x charger and the 42lb injectors. i have run that set up for 10 hours now no problem but i am wasting more gas than before and i know im running rich. when i do my 4in intake and my rrfpr and my innovative mtx wideband i will tune it all to 12.00 afr or mayb 11.5 to be safe

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    I'm running an x charger, 42lbs injectors, 4 inch intake, and 80mm ring. the ski runs 73mph and is faster than a stock rxpx. When I fill the ride plate holes and do a wedge I'm sure I'll be over 75mph.

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