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    Raider 1100 off idle bog after primer install , help

    i have a waveraider 1100 that ran great with slight low end bog but picked up speed after half second,installed primer kit and got a serious lowend bog that will stall the motor if i dont let off the gas,i have to flutter the throttle to get it to take off,high speed shes a monster topping out at 59mph on gps when she goes,problem is low end she stalls and bogs since i put the primer kit in and removed the choke plates.compression is nice at 122 120 124,running premix 50-1. this started exactly after i put in the primer kit,primer kit also runs off the oil tank ( i run a half quart gas oil mix in the oil tank just for the primer setup)and not off the regular gas tank so no obstruction with stock fuel lines. i adjusted carb setting low speed and high speed and no difference. what next

    ski is all stock except for ocean pro top loader intake grate and protec ride plate and primer kit.

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    where did you get the after market parts im new to this forum i just bought a 1996 1100 also im having stability issues people told me best bang for my buck was ride plate and intake grate but i can find anything for this ski

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    If you take away restrictions... like the choke have to lower the pop off pressure to can't expect her to maintain 55psi pop off pressure with that set up. Swap your springs to 95 gram and or dump the 1.5 N/S and goto a 2.0


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    ok mp you said that with conviction so i will order them up today and we will see how good you really are.

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    they did not have 95 gram in stock so i got 80 grams instead,this will do ok i am guessing?

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    raider2010 i got them from other forum members on a few different forums,seems alot of forum people got raider parts just laying around the garage or house for some reason. i just picked up an r&d flame arrestor also from a guy on one of the other forums. am hunting down a high comp cylinder head next.

    raider 2010 what are you hitting on the gps,i am fatboy at 305lbs and hit 59.4 so far, trying to get into the mid 60's with head and flame arrestor and impeller change,we will see

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    I haven't gone full out yet with gps but what I clocked by my friends 300x was 55 on the raritain river. I'm gonna wait to feel the ski out since after my spill at 50 I kinda got shook a little bit.. I think I need to get a little more familar with the handling quirks of this ski first

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    you in jersey raider 2010? i ride in sandy hook all the time.

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    yea i go in at keyport or zuback by morgan beach and i just went out today we rode up to rutgers and while in the river i clocked at 59 on the 300x speedo so i guess we are in the same boat. lol i was having a little difficulties again today while in the bay in the side ways chop i really need to get something for stability

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    raider 2010 what you need is seat time to learn that ski,once you learn how she reacts you will be able to handle her much better in any conditions,seat time will pay off more then any other mod you do.these aint ment to be stable but once you learn how she reacts you can toss her around with the best of them.i also have an ultra 150 but i love my 1100 raider its just a blast and i ride the raider 90% of the time. the wife has a gp1200 and a 1994 waveraider 701,she also almost always rides the waveraider 701,her 701 hits 58 on gps on smooth water and has a better holeshot then her gp1200 and she can toss it around easier and i feel the same way about my raider 1100,this year i changed the ride plate and the intake grate and that was mainly for when i hit the ocean so i can stay hooked up,it did help with handling a little but nothing major like you are looking for.

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