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    Question Need help with Factory Pipe 2 (see vid)

    Picked up a couple pipes, the FP spec2, and a R&D, both for the 800cc Rotax.
    Haven't been able to get any support at all to date on the R&D pipe. Made several calls, but nothing to date or to speak of.

    So I shot a short video clip on what I have here for the spec2, however, no instructions and no experience in determining if the parts are all there, still good or if there is anything I should need to know before starting installation.

    I'm a bit stuck on some of the wiring, and also need to know if it can plug into my MSD.
    It came with a rev limiter as well, but won't the MSD take care of that?

    I have a few new jets here and was informed to go up one size from the 142.5?
    I have on hand sets of 145, 147.5, 150, 152.5, 155, 157.5
    (have K&N filter kit)

    Tips & Tricks appreciated

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    i appreciated! the factory pipe chamber is big vs r&d pipe!

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