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    2007 GP1300 Chip question

    Ok guys so i recently got a D plate installed after the cat failed with only 30 hours on it .
    The guy who installed it for me told me to buy the d plate and chip. But after doing some research on here i'm pretty sure i have to make my own chip and wasted $20 on the Riva chip? I'm assuming this also because after starting my ski it runs for 10 seconds then the alarm and exhaust light go off so i turn it off and check the code and its 01. Start it back up and it runs fine until it sits off for a few minutes then i'll get the alarm when i start it up again.

    If someone could just let me know that my guess is right and i need to use a 2.2k resistor to make my own chip i'd appreciate it, i did try to research the forums before i posted this. Sorry if this is something that gets asked alot. Also if i dont need my chip and anyone needs one i'll send it to them for $15 shipped.

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    Have you measured the resistance of the one you have already from Riva? if it is 2.2k already then making your own will not change anything. Not sure on the 07 but I did the riva chip and D-plate on my 04 without any issues.

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    Yeah i'm away at school for the week but i'm going to go home and check the resistance on the current chip this weekend, I wasn't sure if Riva did start making 2.2k chips or not.

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    I got mine from macc racing and have had no problems.

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    I have an 07, had cat removed and D-Plate installed, also bout chip from Riva. Ended up removing the chip because the alarm wouldn't shut up, remembered reading here that 07's didn't need the chip. So I installed original connectors back together and so far it is working. Once in awhile I will get a buzzer so I stop and pull key that will clear it, other times it clears on its own. Morale of the story, go without the chip, if your alarm won't shut up just build one then.....Best of luck....

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    maybe he just got a defective chip.i will try another one.

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    I had the same problem with my ski. D-plate chips or 50/50 chance. 2.2k is what you need. Radio shack has a pack of them for less than a dollar. Im sure this will work for you. There was a good sticky in the how to section done by pale rider but looks like its been deleted. Its very easy tho pm me if you need help. Good luck

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    2000-2004 GPR take the chip (.997 ohms=1K ohm)

    2005-2008 dont use the chip... use a 2K ohm (or 2.2K) 90% of the later models will work with the sensor hooked up, but to be for sure, use the 2K ohm

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    On my 2006 I did not need to use a resistor. I ended up putting one in anyway. I still have a few resistors. PM me your address and I will mail you one for free.


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    On my '07 GPR I bought resistors to make my own chip. I didn't need to, however. With the circuit open and the sensor unplugged I get no codes, so I left mine alone. The original owner had a Riva chip in it and it coded until I pulled the chip out and ended the noise.

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