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Thread: wont start

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    wont start

    Whent dead on water charged and replaced battery tryed to start sounded like dead battery its good replaced starter still sounds like dead battery i have spark pull plugs and turns over good put plugs in and sounds and turns like dead battery

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    Quote Originally Posted by rileyhager View Post
    ,,,,,,,Whent dead on water .........
    What were the circumstances when it went dead?

    Were you riding?
    Did it show signs of a problem before it went dead?
    Had it just been sitting in the water for a couple of hours before it went dead?
    Was someone else riding it?
    Did you try putting some fuel in each cylinder before you tried to start it?
    Did it give you any signs that it may have wanted to start?

    This sort of information along with any other information you can think of can help us to help you figure out the problem.

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    When it cranks with the spark plugs pulled do you get any water coming out the plug holes? Sounds like water in the engine or a short when the spark plugs are connected. When you tried it with the plugs in did you connect the high tension wires to the plugs? If so try again without connecting them and let us know what it does.

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