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Thread: Little boats

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    Little boats

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    Subaru ea81 coggan 6inch unit

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    pretty neat

    do you own them?

    Id like to see the small boat more up close anymore videos?

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    Did you make that?

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    Mines the subaru powerd one.
    The jetski powered ones are built by my mate in his spare time. Heres a link with heaps of pics too his latest project

    Another guys build.

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    ride it like you stole it!!! raceneked's Avatar
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    WOW!! Do I see a market here for those!
    As agile as a ski; yet you sit IN them, not ON them.
    Would totally screw with the tree-huggers agenda of out-lawing the PWC!!
    What do you think YoYamma?

    Aside from the political ramifications;
    those are some freakin cool azz boats!
    Do you all do all of your own fabrication on these amazing little craft?
    What are the 'usual' costs associated with building one of these?

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    I have been trying to get plans for these for a couple years now. No one here in the states makes them. I spoke to one place that makes a similar boat but will not change off their pattern for a ski engine and pump. Would there be any chance to purchace a set of plans from your friend with some sort of contract that the plans will not be shared?

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