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    96 XP Spec 2 Tuning help

    I'm having trouble getting my Spec 2 to run over 6900rpm. Ski pulls very hard but once I get to about 6800 I hit a brick wall. I believe it's a problem with my water jetting. I'm getting around 1040egt on both of my cylinders. The weird thing is when I disconnect the MicroTouch injection I can't get above 6300 rpm. Shouldn't I be able to hit over 7k without the ECWI? I checked to see if the exhaust gasket was leaking extra water into the pipe, but it was fine. What rpm does the microtouch start to turn off at? Any Ideas or suggestions on why I can't get this thing over 7k?

    Water jetting
    Mid pipe:100

    Stock Carbs with F/A
    mains 150mag/152.5pto
    pilot 72.5mag/72.5pto

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    1. make sure you do not have water leak at Manifold to Cylinder and Manifold to mid pipe. Use Sea Doo gasket at cylinders and sticky green Factory pipe gasket at manifold to mid pipe.

    2. make sure the bearings and jet pump are not issue. Check pump, try different pump if possible. Check actual pitch of prop. Solas XO should be around 16-16.5 leading edge, 23.5-24 tailing edge. Check exit nozzle. Should be 85mm or bigger.

    3. If 1-2 are good. Pinch off water line going to water injection (solenoid may be sticking open) and see if RPM increase.

    4. If no change, start reducing mid pipe jet 100 to 95 to 90 to 85 to 80 etc. and record RPM increases or decreases.

    5. Plug off Stinger. no water is needed if water box is jetted.

    6. Once max RPM has been achieved with mid pipe jet, tune high speed screws for 1100 max EGTs.

    Compression should be 150-170psi
    Squish should be .050-.060"
    Timing should be 22-24 base.

    Goal should be 7250RPM + with XO and 85/88 nozzles.

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    80 mid jet! maybe smaller? you will be burn coupler silocone?
    for rossier pipe 785 ! i saw 90 mid pipe ,the pipe are very hot?
    maybe factory pipe was different?

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