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    Help with waver raider 1100

    I just recently bought a 1995 wave raider 1100 and I love the ski but I ate it pretty hard the other day at 50 and I can't figure out why .. I feel a slight wobble in the rear of the ski and later that day I lost all steering control in the marsh and slid off into the weeds ... Is this ski normally temperamental and unstable? Is there any parts I can put on it to make it respond better in turns or improve stability for a reasonable price??

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    Yup why the raider was only made "1100" for 2 years....they become unstable at speed and often have a turn tendency. Best thing to do is get you some aftermarket sponson's to fix it.


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    It's a great ride but sponsons will stabalize it. Love mine stock!!
    Great pickup out of the hole!!
    Perdictable control after you put some hrs. on it ,,not your average ski!
    jumps and lands great when you get use to it !

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    thanks for taking your time to read my post, i been looking around and i can't seem to find "aftermarket" sponsons. Is there any site you recommend me to for getting aftermarket sponsons for my ski? I seen some sponson kits that have a front setup? Have you ever heard of anybody doing this before?

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