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    ski runs bad slow

    I believe that it is cavitation..the ski runs great one it gets past about 10 mph...but before that it just revs up and doesn't catch.

    I just installed a new protec ride plate, and went premix, do you think that has anything to do with it?


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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you believe that it is cavitation, then I do too. No, your ride plate does not have anything to do with it.

    The simple stuff is to take a flash light and inspect your impeller through the intake grate and look for any foreign objects... plastic, twigs, rope etc. There are many other things that might be a problem

    You may have bad dings in your impeller or a bent blade etc. In other words you should inspect your impeller.

    You should also look to seal the pump shoe. Pulling the pump and sealing the shoe is relatively easy to do.

    There are a few threads on cavitation on the frequently asked section of this forum that covers this issue.

    Excellent information

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