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    Unhappy 96 Polaris sl700 need advice water in hull and starter problem.

    96 Polaris sl700 need advice water in hull and starter problem.
    I just purchased a sl700 looked to be in great shape, started right up...but owner was not near water to try out. Do not buy without water test....
    I have 2 problems,... one caused by other. First, after 5min. in water, my son got on with me and it was too low in the water and then it stalled. trying to start sounds like only the solenoind was energized (winding sound) engine did not turn over. seat and the engine compartment was 1/2 full. ( not to carb) Got it to shore and on trailer...heavy. we could not really see where water was leaking. We noticed some silicone around jet assembly outside of hull.....crap,and my guess is that it is leaking in and around the jet to eng. shaft.....? I was going to take it by trailer to leak test by leaving it straped to trailer. But I wanted to be able to start it. This is the red domestice engine....and thought maybe the battery went/ weak/ bad. under water...I charged it and did not seem to hold full charge, i spent 80 bucks and installed new one.
    Did not help, still just hear starter spin sound....
    I there a fuse or something I should be looking for? I have not opened up the fuse / elect box yet...
    Please any advise is really appreciated.

    Having spent 1000 and feeling suckered,....

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    Stater bendix is not engaging.
    If it's me, I wouldn't put that thing back in the water again till everything is inspected and I do mean everything. If my car dies I can walk to get help, if my water craft dies .... that's whole different ball game.
    Here're some basic things to do with your ski:

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    thinking of taking in and have gone over///carb rebuild, new hoses....

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    Lightbulb found the problem....a real dumb outch!

    As it turns out the inlet hose at rear of ski came undone and let all the water in. The bad news is that no water, other than the 1/2 hull of water was cooling the engine. It was running less than 5min and stalled. ,....maybe seized? when you try to start it, the starter sounds like the starter in spinning free and that it is not engaging....possibly do to piston seized????? Any more advise...worse case -- best case. Should I do anything before pulling head off of...? PB Blaster in spark holes ?....How would I easily try to turn the crank with out the starter??

    Any help Please.

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