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    2001 Virage txi problems

    I've spent the entire season so far trying to get this ski working and could use some direction now. When this machine is working it's amazing! It has enough power to jump out of the water from a dead stop and be racing along at 55mph in seconds. At the beginning of the season however it was dogging. It was slow to get going and would top out at 55-6000rpm (normal WOT it runs 7000rpm) going 40mph.

    I tried new plugs(yes, I always use the right plugs), new fuel, new TPS, new fuel lines. Finally, I did a compression test and found #1-130psi, #2-130psi, #3pto-40psi. So I pulled the PTO head and found the top of the piston deteriorated down to the to ring. No damage to the piston below the rings. The cylinder walls were scored and worn. I had the cylinder bored to 1mm over and got new piston and rings. There was no debris in the case pan, so I'm assuming that the piston pieces went out the exhaust. Now that I’ve fixed the damage, it’s time to figure out the cause.

    I did have an issue with water getting into the oil tank last year because the oil cap was left off after filling the tank. I have since drained and refilled with new oil. I was wondering, do I need to bleed the oil system? The service manual talks about adjusting and bleeding the oil pump after install but there is no procedure in the book for bleeding it.

    My other thought was fuel. I verified that the restrictor in the tank is still attached and have since changed the fuel lines. When I cut off the grey Tempo lines I split them all open looking for deterioration or blockage but found they all looked like new on the inside. When I winterized the boat I had a full tank of gas that I add a can of Sea Foam to. Could this have been caused by old fuel?

    Post repair, I have now checked the crank index thinking that could have caused the pto piston damage. I found that cylinder #1 TDC was off by 5 degrees from the other two, #2 and #3 were dead on 120 degrees. The service manual shows a tolerance of +-2 degrees. Could this have caused it? Is 5 degrees that big of concern? It seems odd to me that the #3 piston would sustain damage from the #1 piston being out of index slightly.

    Any other thoughts? I really don’t want to run this machine up only to destroy another piston because I failed to fix the underlying cause.

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    The flywheel is directly connected to #1 cyl (mag piston) The front crank piece is one solid piece.So any measurements start at the #1 cyl.
    How did you find TDC ?

    Did you actaully have water in the oil tank?
    Oil floats on top of water,so the water would have been at the bottom of the tank-it would have been pumped into the engine instead of oil.

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