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Thread: SL 650 trouble

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    SL 650 trouble

    Hello everyone, I am new to this so bear with me lol I've got a few questions, sorry

    I had bought myself my first jet ski this weekend, a '92 SL 650, the guy I bought it from couldn't remember what fuel ratio was. I phoned my local shop and they recommended 40:1. Is that the proper mix ratio?

    So I took her out to the lake today for a test run and she started fine, idled perfectly. When i punched it she held back a little then took right off (i was quite impressed). she went about 75 feet then bogged out VERY quickly and died almost instantaneously. It took a few tries to start back up again and i had to limp her back to the dock otherwise it would bog right out. After idling for about 5 minutes it had some life in it and i tried again but the exact same thing would happen, i gave up after about 3 or 4 tries. has anyone ever heard of or dealt with this same issue?

    I think it may be a fuel issue so i am going to totally rebuild the fuel system this week, like the lines, filters, pumps ect. where exactly are the fuel filters located, just in the tank?

    I would like to get her running properly by this weekend so if you know what is the underlying cause or if i am going in the wrong direction, please any help is greatly appreciated.

    Also, how do you properly hook up a water supply into the machine? i live a couple hours from a lake so its alot easier to work on it at home.


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    Also what does adjusting the trim do and when should it be adjusted? is there an optimum setting or something

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    My first thought would be fuel starvation, like your IN line is clogged up. But there're people with similar problem and turned out to be electrical issue. So let's start the elimination process with your fuel system and see if there's any improvement.
    Here's a link to "Getting to know your ski" that will help rebuilding the fuel system:

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