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    Looking at purchasing a 2000 Polaris Genesis, any feedback?

    I'm a novice watercraft rider but am looking at a 2000 Genesis. Currenty have a 97 Tigershark that has suited me well but looking for another toy. Any ideas on what I should look for? Is this a good machine?

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    What else can you tell us about the prospective buy? Like hours, maintenance level, repairs, new parts, price? I've got a 2001 Genesis i and I love it! Lots of power, agile and stable. One thing to keep in mind though, Polaris boats require you to be your own mechanic since very, very few shops will touch them. When they are running, Polaris boats are great.

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    It's $2800 with a trailer, has 172 hours which 30 or so are from this year. Has put a new cdi and oil lines on it. I am aware of the "be your own mechanic" deal since I have a Tigershark which is the same situation. When I bought it I had to pull the motor and put a new drive shaft in it because NO SHOP would touch it. I learned a lot and had fun though, thus here I am again.

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    I would take a look here > < and read through some of the common things to look for before you but it. I have an 02 Genesis I fuel injected and love it. I paid $400 for mine with trailer not running, just needed the EMM repaired and it fired right up.

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