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    Impeller install, can't remove pump. Help?

    I'm trying to replace my impeller, and following Cajun dudes how to and I took the 4 bolts out. I tried to pry a little but didn't wat to break something off. Any tips?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you have the bolts out, just keep at it. You have to break the sealant loose. use a rubber mallet and keep working the pry tabs. If its still stubborn, carefully add some heat. It'll come.

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    Keep working on the pry tabs, never had one break yet.

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    What are you guys prying with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyterrific View Post

    Keep working on the pry tabs, never had one break yet.
    I have broken one!

    But I also managed to get the pump apart.

    Heat is a good tool. Also, you can use some brass wedges. Get them in there pretty tight. Leave it alone in the sun for an hour. Come back and take it apart.

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