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    2000 Ultra 150 won't start

    Posted incorrect info previously. I have new high perfomance plugs in. Battery is charged and according to the local repair shop it is fine. Sometimes if I disconnect the battery and reconnect it will start. The last time I tried to start it and turn the key my display would not come on. Someone said it may be the computer chip but would it start sometimes if it was? Please help! I don't know a whole lot about this and the last time I had it in the shop they told me it was fine and just needed new plugs. I think it is electrical but could it be a switch or reset?

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    Sounds like a loose connection somewhere. Are you saying that sometimes it won't crank or it won't start?

    I'd probably look closely at the orange switch if the display isn't coming on.

    Exactly what are high performance plugs, anyway?

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