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    replaced starter, now works intermittently

    Have a 93 SL650 that the starter went out on (pulled starter and tested it). So I ordered a new one and installed it. Fired right up. Went to lake. After a few hours, when I went to start it, it would not turn over. Tapped on starter a little and fired right up, but was very hit and miss whether it would turn over again. Starter is brand new so that shouldn't be the problem. Is this a bendex issue? It runs great when I get it started but I'm about ready to part the thing out.

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    I would check and or replace your start switch. Since you have a brand new starter you at least know thats good.

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    Did you clean the case surface where the starter bolts up ?
    Bad ground connection could cause it-as well as loose engine to plate bolts.

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    I did run my finger across where it bolts on to make sure it was clean (didn't pull the engine so I couldn't see them), but will double check all of the bolts to see if I might have a bad ground.

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    Start switch and grounds are good. Here's the weird thing though, when I get it to turn over, it only does so for a few seconds before it starts slowing down and then stops as if the battery is dying. However, the first battery is only a month old and was fully charged before I put it in this morning. Just to make sure, I ran jumper cables from my truck battery and it did the same thing. It's like something is binding and making it really hard for the starter to turn the engine over. Also, I pulled the spark plugs and I can turn it over by hand so its not the pistons sticking.

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