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    Fuel line--what to use for a 96 1100????

    OK guys, I've done a search and read a lot, and I'm more confused than ever. I want to replace all the fuel lines on an old 96 work horse 3 seater. What do I use, and where can I get it? Also, is there some reason that I shouldn't use zip ties as clamps? That's what it has now, and I believe it is all OEM (but I'm not the original owner). I just want a basic fuel line that will work and be safe for a low performance family work horse application. I don't care what it looks like. Thanks.

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    There was a thread on here a few days ago about fuel line. if your close to a lowes they have a good 1/4 inch fuel line that i think will work on that boat. or go to orileys and get GATES fuel line. carry a piece of yours to make sure you get the wright size. if your going to replace the line on everything get about 20 feet that should be enough. and its always good to have a piece of fuel line laying around if you need it LOL.

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    Thanks for the advice! I'm a motorcycle guy, so I always have fuel line around, but only in motorcycle quantities! I'll check the places you suggest.

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    Yeah, I would just check your local automotive places and bring in a piece of your old line for measurements. Or you can also use a micrometer for measurements to be exact.

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