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    Whats a good ratio for pre-mix?

    Have my 01 virage tx back together after a rear piston failure. Would like to take it out using pre-mix. What is a good ratio? Maybe a little fat.I know it's not the way to go, not having found the cause, but we have a reserved campsite on the lake for this weekend and the family is looking forward to a ride. Even short and slow will be ok for the kids. (thank God for the rain coming Sunday) Any advice besides don't do it? It's been going fine all summer. Also, how much oil should come out of the line while running? Does the carb. suck, or the pump push the oil? Not much of a dribble. Lines are clear. Other 2 cyl. show no signs of holing. I'll try to figure it out when we get back. I'll keep a close eye on the piston with my little light this weekend. Thanks.

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    It's not a lack of oil that holes pistons, but a lack of fuel.

    You've got an air leak or a fuel supply issue. No amount of oil will make up for that

    Oil pumps push oil. And not a real lot either.

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    May have fixed an air leak with the new top end gaskets? What would be some other leak locations? Out of index maybe, but "boom" out of nowhere? Equal spritz of fuel from all 3 carbs. Will put an eye on the piston after a couple minutes. Would still like to know a good pre-mix ratio. Heard 40:1 and 50:1? I'm clearly a rookie at 2 cycles, but weren't we all at 1 point?

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    Air leaks can come from many areas.

    Base gasket, intake/reeds area, carb base, crank seals, bad fuel hoses or clamps, petcock, etc......

    I didn't answer your premix Q because you're asking about the oil pump.

    Guess you need to figure out if you're going to keep it, or delete it.

    Anyways, with a new piston set up, you're going to have to break in the rings.

    If you keep the oil pump, pour a few ounces of oil into the fuel tank to boost your lubrication during break in.

    If you delete the oil pump, then run a 32:1 for break in. After that's done, you can run 40:1

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    Thanks. Asked about the pump for future use and just for general knowledge for myself. Gonna eliminate it for this quick trip and run pre-mix. I'll spend some more time studying all the posts for some tips when we return. No doubt I will ask some rookie questions. Have an 01 Gen also. Bought them last winter, each with no spark, for $3300 with a trailer, covers, jackets. Found the info to fix them both on this site. Been having a blast up here in Maine. A-yuh. My family and I have become addicted. Looking at past posts, Polaris' appear to be a bit troublesome. Heck, just you and k447 have posted what appears to be over 30 THOUSAND times. I'm guessing helping folk like myself, on all makes. Thanks for that. Oh... my stuff says MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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    Something tells me we are about to see another piston being installed soon

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