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    05 Rxt smoking / oil problem

    I recently bought an 05 rxt with 68 hours on it, now with 76. Before buying I had the local dealer give it a pre purchase inspection and verify ceramic were replaced. Everything checked out.

    Today I was riding the ski and upon decel into a no wake zone I felt a sputtering and turned around to see lots of smoke. I cut the ski off and dragged it to a trailer. After taking the ski out I noticed the dipstick is bone dry. Oil was changed 8 hours ago so it shouldn't have had any problems. No indicators came on.

    Anyone have some ideas of what happened?

    If it is a blown engine what am I looking at to repair / replace it?

    Thanks for any help.

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    After this happened have you tried to start it? What does it do if you have?

    1)Check compression, you will need a 12mm adapter for our skis. Compression can vary but should be pretty even across all 3 cylinders. Post your results.

    2)pull the tubes on the intake to the supercharger and to the throttle body. Check them for oil. A bad supercharger seal or TOPS valve can leak oil into your engine and burn. Oily hoses can be an indicator of this. A bad front scavenging oil pump can also send oil through the TOPS and into the intake hose. You would most likely have gotten an oil alarm if this was the case.

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    I did try to fire it up again and it fired right up with a lot of smoke. Immediately shut it back off. Totally dry dipstick scares me a bit.

    Ski hasn't been flipped over recently and the past 7 hours ive owned it have been easy riding, can't account for how it was treated with the previous owner.

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