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    primer ball

    i have a gp1200 that i replaced all the fuel lines and installed a new fuel filter. i also installed a primer ball on the fuel supply line just after the fuel filter. when i try to prime the carbs the primer ball never gets tight like it should but i can see the fuel flowing through the lines, when i attempt to start the engine i crank and crank but the engine will not start. if i pull one of the spark plugs and put a few drops of gas in the cyl it will start right away. does it make any difference where the primer ball is located? i pulled one of the spark plugs and it was wet with fuel so i think the gas it getting to the engine. please help.

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    Pull the primer bulb off you may be flooding it. the primer everyone is using has small lines going to the carbs when you pump the primer button it squirts a SMALL amount of gas in the carbs.

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    thanks for the info, one thing i'm curious about , if i am flooding the engine with the primer ball how come the engine will fire if i put the gas right into the cyl. ?

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