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    04 Speedster 200 starting problem

    I was cruising at full throttle for a couple miles until I reached my dock. When I slowed down I heard a long beep and the warning light for the port-side engine came on. I immediately pulled the key and waited a few minutes. Both engines started back up without issue and the warning light was gone, so I proceeded to put the boat up on my lift.

    As I was preparing to flush the engines, I put the key back on the DESS post but received no response. The system didn't beep and the engines wouldn't start. After removing the key, I periodically heard extremely faint beeps which stopped after a couple minutes (and which I was unable to replicate thereafter).

    I also noticed that the speedometer and starboard-side gauge were moving and there was a subtle buzzing coming from the engine compartment. These symptoms would cease temporarily upon pressing the start/stop switch for the starboard engine, but would return after a few seconds.

    I later discovered the buzzing was coming from the starboard engine fuse block which I replaced. Now the buzzing has stopped and the gauges are acting normal, but I'm still unable to get any response from the DESS system (no beeps with or without the key) and nothing happens when I press either engine button.

    I have two batteries which I replaced with optima bluetops, but this didn't fix the problem (although when I tested the old batteries I found out that they needed to be replaced). I also tried cleaning the DESS post and key, but this didn't work either.

    All other electronic components have been and continue to operate without issue, so I don't think the VCM is defective. Furthermore, all of the fuses appear to be intact. I'm hoping the problem isn't ECU related and is something I can take care of myself.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Check your starter solenoids. Replace them to be sure. It is a good place to start. IF that doesn't do it, test your starter as it might have taken a dive.

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