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    What would you do???

    Hi all. I need an opinion on a dilemma I'm in. I bought a 1999 SLTX 1050. Only put a few hrs on it and it seized on me. Running too lean apparently. Question is, is it worth putting another $1700 into a rebuild (paid $1500 for the machine) or should I cut my losses and sell for parts? If I repair it and it runs good I'll have about $3200 into an older machine. Having never owned one before I'm not sure if I'm just wasting money. Anybody have any thoughts or opinions. Signed, confused.

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    I have the same problem with my 94 Popped piston,cracked block, (crank good?). Been looking online at the prices for engines ,parts, is it worth it? If you dont fix it your out $1500. What if ya bought another for the same price (if ya could find one)? Then you would'nt have to worry so much about something breaking and you could also sell parts later on. Im not anymore experienced than you so keep that in mind but I read your post and thought I would reply

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    Appreciate the reply Djaypro. The danger of buying another one for the same price is ending up with another one with a suspect motor. Previous owner may have suspected a problem and thats why he sold it for $1500. Just one more thing to ponder to make my decision hard. lol.

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    I guess it all depends on how much you liked it.

    If you liked it alot, then rebuild it and it will have a "new" engine

    If it was OK, then get what you can in parts and move on to another.

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    This is very much an individual decision. Economics don't always come into rebuild decision making, lets face it you never get your money back from a rebuild no matter what it is. You wouldn't get 3200 for it when you are done but you can't look at it that way now as you are 1500 in already. 1700 seems a little high for a rebuild you could get out of it a lot cheaper than that. You will also need to correct the problem that caused the lean issue as well so it doesn't happen again. I would also check to see if that ski has the ignition update kit done, you don't want to rebuild your engine without doing that which will also a few $$$.

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    you can drop some money into this one (IF YOU LIKE IT) and be between 3-4000 OR you can buy a brand new one for 10-15000. Its all in what you want.

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    Hmm Im looking for a 99 SLTX that needs work........thats a good looking ski

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    where you located ???
    and you can rebuild it for around 1200.00 to 1500.00 with everything you need and they are Great ski's too

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    Buy another one for 1500 and youll have lots of parts. The problem is you don't exactly know why it seized lein,bad oil pump, crank phaze, air leaks, bad thermostat, binding jet pump,etc, etc. you have to find the problem first or in 15 min you wasted another 1500.00 yikes!!!

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