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    ultra 150 cooling lines clogged Help please

    03 ultra 150 I sucked up a bunch of sand and gravel on the river. I have flushed through the factory flush port and also hooked 3 garden hoses to each of the tripple pissers and back flushed a dozen times each. Have stopped getting any sand or gravel pieces to come out, yet after riding at 40 mph or faster for a few minutes the overheat light and limp mode kick in until I slow down. Also the tripple pisser water is extra hot and all 3 pissers are not peeing very much. Should I try compressed air? Should I flush water through the stinger hose? Should I pull the heads? Can't seem to get things to clear out. I have since installed a groco 750 debri filter. If the stinger is clogged would that cause the pissers to not pee very strong? Thanks

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    You might have to pull the heads, but pull the hose fitting from the heads first. The angled fittings trap stuff. You may have to pull the peehole hoses and clean them. Compressed air could burst them if you put too much pressure on them. It's possible that you'll have to pull the cylinders.

    You might also have to pull the expansion chamber and clean it out.

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