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    sucked up rope

    my buddy was driving my msx tonight and sucked up the rope to dock it... we were right next to the dock and he did it while putting it onto the trailer, we fished the rope off of the drive shaft after putting her onto the trailer and then took her back and put her in the water while on the trailer. there is a knot that looks like like it is trying to make it's way through the impeller ... started up and ran fine while in the water.... i just don't want to run her again before getting the rope completely off the shaft/impeller..... not sure of what to do or if I should take the intake grate off and try to pull her out...

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    I would remove the pump assembly and pull the shaft out then remove all traces of the rope, then apply marine grease, reassemble and torque it to specs. That way you will be 100% certain that the job is done right. If you haven't done it before there are instructions on this forum on how to do it, allow an hour or so to do it.

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    right on thanks for the help... is their a seal on the ride plate around the outer edges.... it looks like tar or some sort of adhesive.... is that jus something that sits in their or what not sure about removing the pump, never have done that before.... and am new to whole jet ski thing but I will give it my best shot.... thanks

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    Here is the thread that will help you with the pump. Lots of pictures and videos.

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    I think I may be safe... I took the intake grate off and put my hand back next to the impeller and grabbed the knot out... it was not even in the impeller......luckily this happened while putting the ski on the trailer,,,, so I'm thinking that it really didn't have enough time to make it's way to the impeller... their is no damage to the impeller or to the drive shaft... so I think I am ok.... thanks again to the greenhulk for stepping up with quick and accurate information...

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    Watch it. I sucked a rope up once and it required a full service of the impeller. If you start getting any water in the bilge area check the bearing because they tend to get out of wack when you suck things like ropes through the impeller

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