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    Water in Bilge - 1997 GSI

    How much water is a normal amount to get into the bilge? I rode for several hours today. When I removed the ski from the water, I opened the drain holes and water poured out for several minutes. There was probably 4-6 inches of water in the bilge. Normal ? If not normal, where would the water come from ? How can I stop it? I cleaned the bailer/bilge intakes and hoses. They seemed clean. How do they work ? Wonder why they did not prevent all the water from gathering. Thanks for any advice.

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    I was out on the yesterday. Looks like I took care of the problem. I cleaned the bailer/bilge system and it now works. It did not work before, as I never noticed water coming from the small hole in the rear. Now I see it. I also installed a water sensing bilge pump. It never ran the entire time I was on the water. Upon opening the drain holes later, no water came out.

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