The Jettribe RS-16 John and Jacket Racesuite is built, designed, and engineered for the riders’ maximum comfort, flexibility, warmth, and mobility. Our Jettribe 2011 John and Jacket RS-16 Racesuits are built with strategic placement of 2/3 mm neoprene panels. The 3 mm are for the warmth and the 2 mm are built in the panels with high movement, inner arms and legs. We spent a year of field testing with our Jettribe Race Team under racing conditions. The results are features like the “Jet Grip” texture print placed on the inner thigh panels and legs to provide the rider with additional traction while riding. Plus, the “injected” PVC rubber knee pads offer grip and protection. All seems have our interlocking flat stitches to provide a watertight seal and maximum comfort against the skin. We carefully select just the right combination of thicknesses of neoprene to retain a rider’s body heat while riding in various conditions. The RS-16 neoprene’s property is a close, high density foam made up of thousands of tiny air bubbles known as “cells.” These cells provide an insulation barrier which slows down the conduction of heat, allowing the body’s heat to be retained.

Jettribe RS-16 suits are engineered with the understanding of the PWC rider’s constant movement which often over-generates body heat. For example, surf wetsuits are designed for a body constantly being in the water. While our Jettribe RS-16 racesuits are designed for the true PWC rider who is both in the water and in the cold air. Many
riders have tested out our new and improved wetsuit, including Pro Ski racer Rick Sherker.

Jettribe is proud to present the RS-16 John and Jacket Racesuit!
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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