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    SL 1050 wont start

    Hi, I'm new to posting but i have been visiting for about a month. i have a SL 1050 that wont start, the compression is around 125 for all three pistons, its got spark, full battery and gas. it gets real close to starting but just backfires, it will fire up for a couple seconds if i dump gas down the carbs, so i rebuilt the carbs and it did the same so i put on another set of carbs and it still does it. its got good spark. if it was a car i would say the timing is off but these have set timing so that cant happen can it?

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    Did you just buy it ?

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    sorry i forgot to put that in there, i just picked it up. the fuel system was out of it when i got it, i checked the spark and compression so i figured i could fix the fuel and get it running, no such luck

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    did i put this in the wrong section, i'm hoping to get some info

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    Quote Originally Posted by twistedpower View Post
    ... it will fire up for a couple seconds if i dump gas down the carbs, ... its got good spark ...
    So, when there're fire and fuel, she lives right?
    Sounds like a fuel issue to me. As swapping carb did not work what's left could be:
    - Clogged pulse line or Fuel IN line
    - Fuel pump not working
    - Leak somewhere that cause the engine not giving good signal (vacuum) to the carb

    It would be a good idea to check your carb settings too, start with factory specs

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    ok, tonight i got it to start. i put enough gas in for it to fire long enough for it to run. it doesnt idle on its own and when i give it gas it backfires alot

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    when you look down the carbs when its running you can see flames, i checked the reeds and they are not cracked or chipped, they snap back when you pull on them so doesnt that mean they are good

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    it doesnt start on its own, i have to dump some gas down the carb, once it fires up all it wants to do is backfire and the higher the rpms the more the backfire, if i take my hand off the throttle it dies

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    I'm thinking you timing is off-there are a couple possibilities.

    You should check the firing order, with electrical box sitting on top of battery-plug wires leaving box should be .#1-#3-#2-left to right.

    Is it back firing in all 3 carbs ? Ever out of exhaust ?

    There is alot of info here:

    including a video to figure out correct firing order.

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    i pulled the engine out and the magnet holder bolts are missing, is that the solution for it

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