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    96 Yamaha 1100 wont go over 25

    So I'm out on the river and the battery dies on one of my yamaha venture 1100 triple. So with my other one I tow it a ways to get to the beach. I get it there and go buy a new battery and put it in. It starts up but has no power. Wont go over 25. The engine chugs and if I let off the throttle it dies. Is there water in there? I've worked on a lot of cars but never waverunners. I find out after that I need to charge the battery. So the next day I take it out with a charged battery and it does that same thing. I'm sure I am missing something and I hope it's simple. Can anyone help?

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    If your ever out riding and your ski ever looses power and wont turn over like a dead battery. its a good idea to do a compression check and look for oil in the hull. if you dont have a compression gauge you can remove the plugs and hold your finger tight over the spark plug hole and spin the motor. if you cant feel or hear the compression trying to blow past your finger you have a problem.
    Lets us know what you find hopefully its a ground or something simple.

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    Good Compression

    I just checked the compression. I didn't have a gauge but all three felt pretty good. I'm almost positive it was the battery that died cause it was like 5 years old. It almost seems like there might be water in there that it can't push out or that there is something stuck under it but there is nothing under it. Any other ideas? I heard that sometimes if you get towed water can get up in somewhere but I don't know were to look or how to drain it.

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    Yes. If you tow a ski, water pressure builds up in the jetpump (just like if the engine was running). Pressure in the jetpump allows water to flow through the cooling system and some of that water exits out the exhaust pipe and down towards the waterbox. Eventually the water box fills up with water and then the water can back flow up the exhaust pipe and down into the engine through the exhaust manifold. Follow me? Towing fast or for long distances makes it worse. And some skis are more prone to this then others.
    The solution is to carry a hose pinch off pliers or install a valve in the main cooling line from the pump to close off water flow when towing.

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    That makes a lot of sense and sounds that that is my problem cause I did tow it for a long distance. How do I get the water out of there if it is already in there?

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