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    Jul 2011
    hoffmen estates, illinois

    i need a 00 virage 700cc pistons, crank and rods

    i am looking for a 700cc crank with rods and pistons if you have them
    i would like to get it back on the water before the end of the season!

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    Aug 2006
    i could do a rebuilt crank, for 400.00 + s&h.
    piston kits are 85.00 ea + s&h, or 210.00 for a top end kit. ( pistons, rings, pins, clips bearings, and top end gasket kit)

    please email, or call if interested.

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    Va Beach, VA
    I have a good crank, cases, cylinders, pistons, heads, manifolds, etc for $600
    Its basically an entire engine that just needs to be reassembled. Prior crank went bad, and damaged a cylinder and piston. Bought replacements and my buddy sold the ski as-is before I was able to rebuild the motor for him. So its just sitting here waiting for a hull.

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    Jul 2011
    hoffmen estates, illinois
    Thanks for the replys. Its my brother ski so ill let him know and get back to you guys

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