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    Finish "blistering", mainly in footwells. Cause?

    Picked up an '04 FX that had spent it's life on a dockside lift up and out of the water, uncovered. Ski is blistering mainly in footwells. Removed old mats and it's much worse under there. All small, about 1/4" across. A few of the blisters under the mats are actually broken open, gelcoat gone. Curious if this is from sun, my initial thought, or water sitting in there until it evaporated. Trust that it will not worsen now that it spends the majority of it's time covered in a garage.

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    It's a shame. Likely Styrene trying to outgas from the laminate. The manufacturer should make policy on this but if not, seal each one that pops until you can get a pro to properly repair. Ugly, huh?

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    It's water that's gotten under the gelcoating...I have it on the bottom of my ski. The only thing you can do is sand the bubbles out, let the water drain out and let the thing dry completely. Then it needs to be patched and re-finished. Unless you are familiar with gelcoat and fiberglass, I'd leave it to a professional. My 'ex' used to do fiberglass and gelcoat work so I've seen him do the repairs. A pain in the rear if you ask me.

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    Not only is it ugly, it's super expensive to fix. I was quoted $1200 to repair the footwells in our 2000 GP1200R. He said I could save $200 by removing the padding myself. I did that when I installed the hydroturf mats..major pain in the rear. Just like removing dcals but far worse. Heat, scraper, goo-gone x 3 days. Anyway, it's hard for me to justify spending $1200 to fix a machine I paid $2400 for. I'm letting it go until it turns really ugly. Right now it's just bubbling with a few small cracks in the finish.

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