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    FX HO drive shaft removal help

    2007 FXHO: I'm replacing my wear ring and am having trouble getting the prop shaft out. Feels like its hung up or maybe a clip? Any advice?

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    just pull hard its like any other Yamaha.slides out.
    did you remove the 4 long bolts ? there is 10mm bolt on the left side that need to came out to remove the wear ring.

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    ok. i actually seperated the impeller muont and the wear ring wile they were still assembled as one, thought it woud be easier to hold the parts that way. now i'm just trying to remove the drive shaft from the hull, and it keeps getting hung up after it comes out about 4".

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    the only thing you may do is to remove the grate and try to center the shaft in the hole,using your hand.

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