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    I know this question has been beat to death, but it seems like there a lot of people on both sides of the fence on this one. I have a 2000 GP800 and a 1998 XL1200. I've always run 91 octane in my GP, and it seems to run fine on it. I haven't run a tank of gas through my XL yet. According to the owner's manuals, both can be run on 86 octane or better (pump octane number) or 90 (research octane number). Both engines are stock as far as I know (other than oil blockoff, primer kits, etc., no performance mods).

    Do most of you guys with stock GP/XL engines run 87 octane? I'd really like to save that $ every weekend if it's not necessary. Thanks!

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    Save some money and use 87 octane. Your ski will actually run better. The higher the octane the slower the burn.
    You only need higher octane when upping compression or increasing timing to decrease chance of detonation.

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    i have never heard such thing as the higher the octane the slower the burn.
    but anyways i have always use 93 on all my skis.never had any problem with carbon deposits or detonation problems.

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    and one more thing.
    how much do you think you save using 87 compare to 93. just think? if you where to pump 300 gallons like a semi-truck,well maybe you save 100.but you are only pumping 15 20 cents you only save 3 dollars.
    its not worth the effort on ruin your engine.

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    I run premium gas simply because there isn't any ethanol in it at 75% of the gas stations in my area. If I pull up to a pump that has ethanol on all 3 grades of gas, then I just pump 87. Ski runs fine either way. I'm running stock compression also, BTW.
    But I'm definitely gonna store the ski this winter with ethanol free gas.

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    There are 2 gas stations around here that advertise ethanol-free gas. I wouldn't worry about it so much, but the savings could add up since I have 2 skis and it's not unusual to fill them both up 2 or 3 times a week (30 cents/gallon difference). Plus a lot of people I've talked to say that the higher octane fuel won't burn as clean without the higher compression, and actually leaves carbon deposits. I think I'll try to run a tank of 87 octane through and see if I can tell a difference. Thanks to everyone for their opinions.

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