Yesterday and today I've been messing with the gauges on my GPR. I think I have a decent solution and the probable cause of why I have water / moisture in my gauges which is why my gauges have been dying and acting weird. Hopefully this will serve others in the future.

I started out with moisture in the lens of my gauges. 90% of my riding is done in choppy 1-4ft waves on Lake Erie with an occasional Small Craft Advisory day or two. Lots of water comes over the front of my ski.

After full disection of the gauge pod I've realized that water most likely entered through slowly through the "Reset" button on the front. Looking closely I see a circular cut that follows 80% of the button. This has slowly allowed small amounts of moisture to enter through the button and into the module.

The backside is a rubber grommet that was snug, while it's possible that's the culprit I'd argue.

My recommendations:

1: Remove the gauge cluster.
2: Pull the rubber plug and shake any excess water out. Over the course of three months since this started I managed to accumulate about 1/4 cup of water inside. Some how they still work though!
3: Fill a large bowl with rice and let the gauges sit submerged in it for a few days or a week. It will act as a desiccant and absorb the moisture.

4: Put a piece of packing tape or even clear silicon over your button. (Even do as a preventative measure)

I'll also note that I plan on putting a large sack of desiccant in the empty space of the gauges, hoping that in the future moisture will just be absorbed.

Maybe my case is an oddity, I know I've mashed that reset button a few times harder than I should when my low gas alert came in and I was barreling over some large waves.

I hate beeping.

If you're inclined to take apart the cluster, have fun. Take your time, use a sharp razor and be careful. I'd probably never take another one apart though.

Happy riding!

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