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    Virage Carb needle seat replacement

    I'm the newest member of the Hulk, although I've been lurking for a couple of months, trying to learn enough to not ask stupid questions. I bought a 96 SLT and 99 SLTH 2 months ago to use with my granddaughters (age 6, 8, & 10) when they visit. 3 granddaughters and 2 skis...definitely not going to work, so just picked up a 00 Virage with 10 hours on it. It hasn't been started in years and had been taken to a shop to get running which they never did. Thought it was a good deal for a grand, but the more I dig into it the more I wonder. The battery was missing so I couldn't do a compression test. The starter solenoid had been cannibalized, and in the process, someone cut the small wires and took the pigtail. Hard to believe I found the correct pigtail for it on eBay for $10. Just got a new soleniod for it yesterday, so perhaps this weekend I'll do a compression test. Tore the carb apart for a 'simple' rebuild. Found out I didn't get a cherry. Someone had been there already. Carb was gunked up pretty bad, but worst part is needle is fused into the seat, and as it sits down in a recess, there's no way to get anything on it to forcibly pull it out. Also saw vice grip marks on the backside of the needle seat where someone had tried to pull it out as well. I tried the same, but the seat is fused into the plate. I've ordered a needle and seat kit as their replacement would be the seemingly most economical repair, providing I can get the old ones out. Thoughts anyone? Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Another approach is carb replacement. I saw in the classifieds where TxPro1200 has a pair of Keihins for sale. I wouldn't be adverse to swapping to a dual set up as it would match my other 2 skis. Yes, I know I will need to replace the manifold and flame arrestor. No problem with blocking off the oil pump and going premix as that's the set up on my other 2 skis and something I had already planned to do. However until I reach the magical number of 25 posts here on the Hulk, I can't respond to TXPro1200 regarding his dual set up. TxPro1200, if you are reading this, I'm interested.

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    i've got the manifold as well,also have a oil injection block off kit.get a stock 700 flame arrestor and you're set.

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    Great! How do we make this happen? I'll send you a private message. By the way, I got the electronics up and running this weekend. The MFI shows 7.0 hrs on the clock. The previous owner bought it, never liked it, and it sat under a cover for 11 years. Not good for the electronics, but the mechanicals appear to be like new. Still working on getting a spark, though. It sat under power lines and they're thinking the stator may have seen an induced voltage from a lightning strike. Probably be several days before I get a chance to get back at it, though.

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